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SPV-200RF X Ray Vehicle Inspection System Open roof no height limitation
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SPV-200RF X Ray Vehicle Inspection System Open roof no height limitation

SECU PLUS X ray vehicle inspection system is designed to inspect the inside of vehicles. It can quickly and accurately identify threats/ contraband/ weapons hidden in the vehicle. SPV-200RF greatly improved vehicle safety inspection speed and accuracy, reduce investment in human resources.
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Product description

SPV-200RF X Ray Vehicle Inspection System Open roof no height limitation


No height limitation, no roof design

No limitation for the height of vehicle, allow the maximum vehicle to pass through


Drive-thru technology
Occupied vehicle scanning capability: passengers can stay in their cars during scanning process, driving them under their own power through the inspection portal.

Small footprint
The deployment of the SPV-200RF requires a relatively small ground surface without special requirements for additional infrastructure.

High penetration
The SPV-200RF produces high-quality X-ray images of inspected objects through 20 mm of steel at car speeds of 10 km/h.

High quality X-ray images
To ensure proper detect ability of the concealed objects, the SPV-200RF produces images with the 2% of the contrast sensitivity and 0.8mm copper wire detection capability.

Dual energy imaging
The SPV-200RF has an automatic color coding for materials separation (3 colors) feature allowing distinguishing between organic, non-organic and metal materials. This feature helps the operator to detect dangerous object from the various materials.

Radiation safety
The SPV-200RF ensures the low dose for driver and passenger operation (complies with ANSI 43.17


standard) as well as protection of the operator. The inspection portal is equipped with the video surveillance system to avoid the inspection of the passer-by's.

Technical Specifications: 


General Specifications

2.6(W)m * unlimited height

Scanning Speed


Typical throughput

100-120pcs vehicles/hour

Max Vehicle length

20m and extendable


Application  20mm  steel

Wire Resolution

Dia 1.0mm copper wire

Mix Dose to passengers


Dose rate outside

Public area<0.5μsv compliant with IAEA standard

Power Consumption

Max. 2KVA

Operator 's workstation

PC-based workstation with the 24" LCD display

X-ray Generator(single)


Dual energy accelerator


Beam shape

Vertical fan-shaped beam

Operating Environment


 Operation temperature/Humidity


Storage temperature/Humidity


Operation Power

220VAC(±10% ) 50±3Hz (Optional:100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC)




Windows 10 operating system


Intel Core i7


HDD: 1TB, RAM: R4G/8G, Touch screen 24inch


 1    password-protected login of the operator

2     Automatic real-time display of the inspected vehicle

3       Brightness and contrast adjustment of acquired image

4       High-density and low-density objects display feature

5       Zoom in and pan functions(up to 8x), Black/white, color image, etc

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