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SPT-740 Tyre Killer

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Product description

SECUPLUS SPT-740 Tyre Killer 


Product Features:

Solid and endurable structure, the largest traffic capacity is up to 80T.

The system is safe, reliable and stable.

Perform exactly and operate steadily, making the barrier low noise.

The working environment is -20° C to 50° C.

Low-pressure hydraulic driving mode making the barrier Low trouble rate, high reliability, long life cycle.

Easy maintenance and the rate is low.

Can combine with other control equipment making the barrier auto control.


In case of electric failure or trouble, the movable barrier can be manually operated to return to the horizontal position, making the cars pass smooth.


Technical Data:


System control: Electronic motor

Power Supply: 220V

Control Voltage: 24V/12V

Length: 3000mm(including motor )

Remote Control Distance: ≦100 meter

Rising time: 1.5S

Falling time: 1.5S

Color: Black and yellow

Traffic Capacity: the largest traffic capacity is up to 80t

Machine Size: Length 3000×wide 700×heigh 65 (mm)

Rising Height: 150mm(custom made)

Material: A3 steel

Surface Treatment: spray paint reflective paper

Protection Level: IP68

Tire Killer Blade Thickness: 10mm (can be thickened)

Lift Control: short-range wireless remote control / remote control


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