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SPT650 Tyre Killer

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Product description

SECUPLUS SPT650 Tyre Killer 


Product Features:

² SP650 Portable deceleration slope type roadblock, also known as tire killer.

² It belongs to the electromechanical integrated remote control to intercept the car.

² The roadblock uses more than 100 hollow stainless-steel needles to directly pierce the tires of unauthorized vehicles.

² The size of the spike barrier collection can be put into the trunk of the trolley.

² When it is needed, the spike barrier can be opened in the traffic lane.

² The user can remote control the spike rising within 200 meters.

² To prevent the vehicle can’t continue driving after the tire has been deflated.

² The effective length can be produced to 5-16 meters according to the user's requirements.


Technical Data:




Digital display work, wireless remote control start and close studs

Effective Interception Distance

6-15meters(in options)

Puncture Tire Thickness


Max weight capacity


Remote control speed

1 time / sec

Remote control distance

45meters (Empty zone)

Spike Barrier Weight

16 kgs

Standard Spike Barrier Size


Working Voltage


Venting Hollow Steel Needle Size


Packing box size


Gross weight(6m)

34 kgs



1. When using, it is strictly forbidden to use the hand board, kick, and step on the roadblock to avoid damage to the roadblock or the operator is stabbed by the stainless steel hollow needle that is erected.

2. After each task is completed, the shortage of stainless steel hollow needles or other parts should be replaced in time.

3. Do not disassemble the various connecting parts of the equipment. If you need to repair or adjust, please contact the supplier or manufacturer.

4. Please do not use it for a long time in rain or snow or muddy environment.

5. When not in use for a long time, the power box should be charged once a month to extend battery life and avoid damage to the battery.


Comes with accessories

1. Remote control box: 1 unit

2. Control cable: 1 unit

3. Car power supply connection cable: 1 unit

4. Deflated hollow needles: 10 units (with rubber sleeve)

5. Charging cable: 1 unit


6. Needle replacing tools: 1 unit

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