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SPV-S160K Oil tank truck scanner
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SPV-S160K Oil tank truck scanner

SECU PLUS SPV-S160K X ray vehicle inspection system can be installed in the expressway toll station, to achieve a rapid inspection of fresh agricultural transport vehicles. It is also can be used to inspect the undercarriage of medium and large buses for the dangerous items check.
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Product description

SPV-S160K Oil tank truck scanner

SECU PLUS SPV-S160K X ray vehicle inspection system can be installed in the expressway toll station, to achieve a rapid inspection of fresh agricultural transport vehicles. It is also can be used to inspect the undercarriage of medium and large buses for the dangerous items check.


System highlights:


1. Fast inspection: The vehicle being inspected passes at a 3~15km/h, tested within a few seconds. Standard vehicle inspection speed <5s (driving at 15km/h speed)

2.  Automation:

(1) Automatic x ray inspection, no need for human intervention

(2) Automatic intelligent analysis: based on the intelligent model, build a complete set of testing process, vehicle can be checked in the driving and give the inspection result


3.  Security:

(1) Only one vehicle is allowed in the area during inspection, and the front and rear railings are interlocked;

(2) Marking : to remind buses and pedestrians are prohibited from entering X-ray lanes and radiation monitoring areas

(3) Adjacent road protective baffle to keep the radiation safety of vehicles on the adjacent lanes.

4.  Advanced technology

(1)Use the integrated x ray source design and linear array CMOS sensor, the scanning image is much clear than the other similar products.

(2)Use automatic beam control technology, greatly extend the service life of the ray tube, can reach more than 10,000 hours


5.  Reliability: the system and products are modular structure design, the system can be operated 24 hours a day.


6.  Small footprint

(1) The system adopts modular structure design, which covers a small area and can be installed directly on the safe island.


       (2) The system adopts double door opening structure, which makes the maintenance convenient and fast.


Technical Specifications: 


General Specifications


Scanning Speed


Scanning image

Effective length 2400mm, pixel value <2.5mm

Vehicle scanning time

<5s (at driving speed of 15km/h)

Maximum size of scanned vehicle

3.5m(w)*4.5m(h), unlimited length

Detection mode

driver drive through the detection channel, the system automatically avoid the cab and test the car

Safe and reliable

The driving cab not be detected

Inspection items

Car load situation and mixed cargo location, etc

(1) Real-time display of the interior of the carriage

(2) Automatic identification of the location of the goods

X-ray Generator(single)


X ray source tube voltage


X ray source current


Operating Environment


 Operation temperature/Humidity


Storage temperature/Humidity


Operation Power

220VAC(±10% ) 50±3Hz (Optional:100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC)


1    Password-protected login of the operator

    Automatic real-time display of the inspected vehicle

    Brightness and contrast adjustment of acquired image

    High-density and low-density objects display feature

    Zoom in and pan functions(up to 8x), Black/white



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