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Walk through metal detector with thermal camera and LCD display
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Walk through metal detector with thermal camera and LCD display

metal detector with thermal camera and LCD display
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Product description

Temperature & Metal Detector Gate Model SPW-IIIDT


  • Fast broadcast visitor temperature;

  • Smooth Traffic, no need to wait;

  • Automatically track moving people faces.


◆ Alarm for Metal threats:

  • Multiple target locations from head to toe;

  • 6/18 zones overall inspection;

  • Extremely high sensitivity to detect tiny threats;

  • Shock proof to avoid false alarm;

  • Automatically adapt to Environmental magnetic field;

  • Alarm lights show different threat level. 


◆ Alarm for Fever Visitors:

  • Accurately test body temperature;

  • Non-contact fast detect temperature;

  • Show temperature and alarm for fever;

  • Actively track moving people’s face;

  • Temperature deviation: 0.3 ℃;

  • Distance: 0.8-3.0 Meter

  • Working temperature: -10 to 50 ℃


◆ Characteristic:  

  • High resolution monitor show visitor photo and temperature.

  • Automatically detect temperature, no need waiting;

  • Quick response, detect body temperature in 1 second;

  • Audible alarm for high temperature passengers;

  • Non-contact temperature sensor, avoid cross infection;

  • Indoor use, please avoid high temperature and direct sunlight;

  • Can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal articles.

  • Four light bars show metal threats location, visible from any angle;

  • Metal Detector sensitivity adjustable from 1-300;

  • Different volume alarm for metal threats;

  • Alarm language: English, French, Italy, German, Spanish, German, Traditional Chinese

  • 7*24h Non-stop working

  • Easy installation  

◆ Technical Specification:  

  • Electrical current: AC100V~240V  50/60Hz

  • Power:15W

  • Work environment: -10℃~+50℃

  • Gross Weight: 95kg

  • Outer frame: 2220mm (h) *820mm (w) * 522mm (d)

  • Inner frame: 2000mm (h) * 700mm (w) *522mm (d)

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