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SPT-2020A7 Thermal intelligent temperature system
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SPT-2020A7 Thermal intelligent temperature system

thermal camera and LCD display
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Product description

Binocular Temperature measuring camera SPT-2020A7


High Light:


  • High-definition Binocular camera;
  • The maximum distance is 5 meters;
  • Temperature measurement accuracy +/- 0.3℃;
  • Pass 200 people/minute;
  • Plug and play;
  • Integrated design




  • Automatically adapt to the ambient temperature (-20℃ to 40℃);
  • Easy to installation, only need connecting to monitor;
  • Support facial capture and quickly screen pedestrians with abnormal body temperature;
  • Fast detection: multiple people in the same frame, can also detect at the same time;
  • Platform support: access to "Suspected Fever Screening and Tracking System"
  • Support real-time monitoring; and background management data query;
  • Face retrieval: It can be connected with the upper-level platform to realize the face database and the snapshot database, and track the activity trajectory of the fever


Extension Function interface:


  • Display device access: HDMI interface
  • Management platform access: network port
  • Power interface: connect to 5V DC power supply
  • Audio interface: 3.5mm audio interface
  • USB interface: docking with external devices

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