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SPX-2300 portable X ray scanner
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SPX-2300 portable X ray scanner

Application: Security inspection, criminal investigation, smuggling and factory product quality testing.
Features: high-resolution image and compact and lightweight design
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Product description

SPX-2300 portable X ray scanner

It is designed to detect weapons, explosives and other dangerous enclosures concealed inside luggage, packages and parcels, or inside vehicles.

Xray Image:

Dimensions: 550 x 340 x 85 mm

Size of Inspected area: 420 x 300 mm

Wire resolution:40AWG

X-ray steel penetration : 18 mm in steel

X-ray aluminum penetration: 60mm

Gray level : 16bit&65536

Contrast sensitivity: 0.5%

Dynamic range: 30000:1

Detection case thickness:70mm

Scanning time:3~10 seconds

Weight :9.6kg

X-ray Generator:

X-ray tube voltage: 80KV~120KV (adjustable)

X-ray tube current: 0.5mA~2mA (adjustable)

Power consumtion:0.14KVA

Operating Environment:

Operation temperature/Humidity: 0℃-45℃/10%-95%(non-condensing)

Storage Temperature/Humidity: -40℃-60℃/10%-95%(non-condensing)

Operation Power: 110VAC or 220VAC(±10%), 50/60Hz

Special features:

Relatively small dimensions and lightweight of the system
Autonomous power supply

Complete wireless connection, can be used to remotely control

Use in field conditions thanks to sturdy case for transportation and storage and to broad operating temperature range .

Powerful imaging software with friendly multilingual interface allows exploitation of the system, even by operators with a minimal training


Software Function:

Multi-energetic distinguish retrieval: organic objects in orange, inorganic objects in blue, mixture in green.

Image storage: Storage 100,000 pictures in real time

Autonomy when powered by the battery in registration mode (number of images): up to 400 images

Image Processing: Black / white, Color, abundant energy , variable absorptive, elimination of inanimate matter, elimination of organism, super-enhance, reversed color, high energy penetration, low energy penetration, image strengthening, image lightening, reducing darkening, etc.



Processor: Intel M 1.7 GHz

RAM : 256 Mb

Screen size: 14"

Memory: 2GB, 1333MHz

Hard Disk drive: 500GB.

Operation system: Windows XP

Optional:8 inch tablet PC


Product advantage:

- Install the PC based Control and Processing Unit at a safe distance from the object;
- Connect the system modules with the wireless
- Set the mode of inspection and start the imaging process.

A wireless communication link can be used to remotely control the source and the imaging process. In that case, the wireless connection is between PC based Control and Processing Unit and external X-Ray source

controller and allows remote control of the X-Ray generator linked to its external xray source controller.



It is used by security services to assess suspicious objects in mass transit systems (air sea, land, rails), as well as on the premises of governmental and industrial sites, offices buildings, prison, court, etc.

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