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SPE9000 New Explosives and narcotics trace detector
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SPE9000 New Explosives and narcotics trace detector

◆Fashionable design and light weight
◆Top advanced IMS technology
◆Extremely high sensitivity: can reach Nanogram level
◆5inch HD touch screen
◆Fast identify speed and accurate result
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Product description

◆ Fashionable design and light weight

◆ Top advanced IMS technology

◆ Extremely high sensitivity: can reach Nanogram level

◆ 5inch HD touch screen

◆ Fast identify speed and accurate result

◆ Battery backup time: more than 12 hours


SPE9000 Portable explosives drug detector is developed and produced by our company. Based on the most advanced ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) technology in the world, this product can quickly and accurately detect and determine the types of trace explosives and drugs. 


It has been widely used in subway, railway, public security, border police, government Units, postal logistics and other key security zone, the human body clothing, luggage, drugs left on the surface of the goods, explosives and other prohibited items, suspicious objects can be quickly detected.


Technical specification:

Explosives identify

A variety of military , civilian , and homemade explosives:

Black powder, AN, TNT, PETN, RDX, nitroglycerin , Aktobe today, Te Quer, dinitrotoluene (DNT), C4, Semtex, TATP etc.

Drugs identify

Cocaine hydrochloride, Heroin hydrochloride, Tetrahydrocannabinol, Methamphetamine, Ketamine hydrochloride (K powder), Morphine hydrochloride; Add new samples if necessary,


Test strip wipe sampling, or Trace particle adsorption(optional)


open to user, can add new type explosive 

Alarm way

Voice + display information, accurate analysis of explosives or drugs, and can display the name

Power display

Graphical display battery condition

Self-diagnosis function

Built-in diagnostic program, Power-on self-test


Mix: Nanogram explosives, even pictogram sulfur

Password protection

Can be set authorized person only

Sensitivity limit

100 Nanogram TNT

Analysis speed

< 5 seconds

Warm-up time

≤ 10 minutes

False alarm rate

≤ 1%

Detection rate:

≥ 99%


5-inch HD touch screen

Standby time



< 300W


220V AC 50-60Hz / Lithium battery

Power Adapter

Input 220V / AC 50-60Hz; Output 16V / DC

Operating temperature

-15°C ~ 50°C

Relative humidity



Highlights and advantages

◆ Fashionable design, compact and easy to carry

◆ With positioning function, real-time display of map location

◆ Human-machine interface is simple and easy to understand

◆ Rapid detection without waiting

◆ Supports remote operation

◆ Support data connection and export of multi-platform system

◆ Test results can be compared to print, convenient and quick

◆ Can identify common explosives, drugs, etc.

◆ Data open to user, can add new explosive and new drugs

◆ Dipstick can be reused

◆ Unlimited storage, USB port to output the data,

◆ Light weight: less than 3kg

◆ Size: 338mm(L)*148mm(W)*175mm(H)

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