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SPE6000 Handheld Chemical Identifier
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SPE6000 Handheld Chemical Identifier

SECUPLUS offers SPE6000 Handheld Chemical Identifier, for rapid, accurate identification of unknown liquids and solids such as threat liquids, narcotics, explosives, and chemical warfare materials. Based on Raman spectroscopy, SPE6000 can analyze the unknown substance in question quickly and provide an immediate, reliable result.
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Product description

SPE6000 Handheld Chemical Identifier



  • Ø High accurate and flexible identification of a wide range of the unknown substance with extensible substance library;
  •   High speed inspection;
  •   Handheld and ergonomic design;
  •   Non-destructive and Non-radioactive testing;
  •   Analyze and identify substances in several seconds typically;
  •   Micro USB and Wi-Fi for data transfer and software update;
  •   5.6 inch touch screen ;
  •   Can check the information from mobile phone software ;
  •   Integrated Bluetooth for data sending; 
  •          Friendly operation based on touch-screen with graphical user interface and minimal training required.
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