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SPX-6046P Portable X-ray scanner
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SPX-6046P Portable X-ray scanner

SPX-6046P portable X-ray scanner has clear image and compact and lightweight design. Using high-resolution plate imaging technology;
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Product description

Product Introduction

SPX-6046P portable X-ray scanner has clear image and compact and lightweight design. Using high-resolution plate imaging technology; integrated high-end dual energy, line scan technology and advanced digital display system. Applicable to security inspection, criminal investigation, smuggling and factory product quality testing.  


Technical characteristics

◆ Three-dimensional imaging, accurate display of dangerous goods location and internal structure

◆ Dynamically capture images, support playback of dynamic video

◆ Scanning images are clear, the resolution is high and the imaging speed is fast;

◆ High capacity battery life, meet the field operations

◆ Super software features: easy to achieve multi-touch gestures, physical size measurement, continuous image zoom, multi-effect image processing

◆ Security upgrades: provides X-ray delay and safety protection to ensure operator safety

◆ Modular design, easy maintenance



General Specification:

Wire resolution

42AWG (dia 0.064mm copper)


30mm steel/140mm aluminum

Image station

1920*1080 resolution, support multi-point touch, Lenovo Flex3-14, touch screen 14.0 inches; HD LED 1366 * 768 resolution; windows 8 operating system; intel core i5-6200U; 4GB memory; 500GB hard drive; NVIDIA Geforce 920M graphics card ,weight 1.85kg, 19.5mm

Sensor type

linear array

Image display

Color, Black/white

Effective imaging area


data communication

Wired transmission/wireless transmission

Image acquisition time


Pixel size


Thickness of receiver


Spatial resolution

2.0 line pair/mm

X ray tube voltage


X ray source current


Grey level


Image processing

Edge enhancement, super penetration, local enhancement, histogram equalization, color display, black and white display, pseudo-color display, relief display.

Area selection and enlargement

Unlimited continuous magnification

Storage capacity

At least 10000 images

Image Recall

100 images recallable, retrieval.

Image display

Support dynamic images

System function

Date / time display, historical image preview, user management, image storage and retrieval, emergency stop operation, device status display.

Material distinguish

Duel energy color image, organic /inorganic Stripping

Outline Dimensions

X ray generator: 482*215*178mm (L*W*G),

Detection board :770*531*84mm (L*W*G)

Total weight


X Ray generator weight


Detector board weight


Operating temp.


Storage temp.



Rechargeable lithium ion battery(Supports 500 image captures)


Application :

Portable X-ray Inspection System is intended for a wide range of applications, for customs,

law enforcement, police, airport and the others, including:

• mail inspection, handguns and explosives detection in left luggage and suspicious packets;

• detection of concealed eavesdropping devices (bugs) in furniture, building structures, office

equipment, etc;

• non destructive inspection and evaluation.

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