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SPV3300 Fixed Under Vehicle Surveillance Inspection System
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SPV3300 Fixed Under Vehicle Surveillance Inspection System

Application: parking lot, airports, terminals, customs, prisons, military restricted areas, other security areas
Features: IP68. DVR, ALPR(Automatic License Plate Recognition) optional
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Product description


SPV3300 Fixed Under Vehicle Surveillance / Vehicle Inspection System(UVSS/UVIS) to check bomb,gun,contraband

Embedded type,stable performance,high resolution image

Suitable for parking lot,fixed location

Applicable to variety of vehicles,wide vision

Greatly improved vehicle safety inspection speed and accuracy.



1. Anti terrorism,drugs,bombs weapons ,force protection and homeland security;

2. License plate & Vehicle Recogniction;

3. AT3300 is a range of Vehicle Inspection Systems that participate to damges detection,anomalies detection ;

4. System support color scanning images displayed .

5. Alert for suspicous articles

6. Auto compare with same vehicle's different images


Main Technical Indexes of UVIS:

1. Camera: Sensor: line scans CCD,Resolution: 2048,Power Supply: 12VDC,2.5A 

2. Illumination: LED,Power Supply: 12VDC,40W 

3. Size: 1100mm x 300mm 

4. Operating Temperature Range: -40 degree to +70 degree 


Intelligent IO Control Unit:

1. Input: Scale: 16 channel input,Isolation: photoelectric isolation,Isolation voltage: 5000Vr.m.s 

2. Output: Scale: 16 channel output,Isolation: relay isolation,Output Model: make-and-break or 12VDC can be set 

3. Communication Port: RS422,RS232 

4. Operating Temperature Range: -10 degree to +55 degree


System Host:

1. CPU: Intel Centurion Duo or higher,Memory: 2G,Hard Disk: 500G 

2. Display: 22” LCD,can choose a vice display to show the image independently (optional) 

3. Scene Video Record: 4 channel,Compression algorithm of scene video: H264

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