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SPV3000 portable Color black white under vehicle suveillance system for police security check
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SPV3000 portable Color black white under vehicle suveillance system for police security check

SPV3000 portable Color/black&white under vehicle suveillance/Inspection system (UVSS/UVIS) for police security check
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Product description

SPV3000 portable Color/black&white under vehicle suveillance/Inspection system (UVSS/UVIS) for police security check



With intelligent alarm

Suitable for police use, quick installation.

Suitable for all vehicles, wide vision

To connect anti-collision system, barrier,etc,

To compatibly packing management solution

Easy to move, mounted on the surface, high resolution image

Applicable to variety of vehicles, wide vision

Greatly improved vehicle safety inspection speed and accuracy.



Automatic digital line scan camera, with high-resolution and clarity of the image.

The complete image of under vehicle scanning, without any omissions, and the image is clear, complete, no distortion, can be clearly observed that the object is not less than 2mm in diameter.

Preparation of inspection processes to meet a variety of on-site needs.

Multiple scene image monitoring, recording function.

Multi-language user interface design.

Strong scalability to easily achieve a variety of system linkage control.

ALPR(Automatic Licence Plate Recognition) (Optional)

Multiple devices networked control functions(Optional)

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