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SPV-2800 X ray vehicle inspection system
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SPV-2800 X ray vehicle inspection system

Application: SECU SCAN X ray vehicle inspection system is designed to inspect the inside of vehicles. It can quic
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Product description


High security protection

Track stretch designenablesautomatic transmission of vehicles to get scanning, maximally keep the driver and personnel away from radiation.

High pass rate, can achieve 100% inspection

High penetration, no image distortion

Large scanning channel, suitable for checking a variety of small and medium-sizedvehicles.

Powerful image processing function, such as zoom in, zoom out, pseudo-color transform, edge enhancement, contrast adjustment, multi-image comparison, and image format conversion, so that the operator can easily and quickly identify the contrabands and dangerous items inside of the vehicles, mark the suspected parts on the image.

Friendly interface, can integrated with LPRS and under vehicle inspection system. 



Parking lot entrance, checkpoints, customs, border, important government agencies,large venues, high security premises for vehicle safety inspection.

According to the customer requirements, on-site installation conditions, this system also can be integrated with the under vehicle inspection system to realize the comprehensive multi-angle vehicle safety inspection. 

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