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SPB-206W Roadblock machine

Roadblock machine, system control: electric hydraulic.
Body size: length 4572mm × width 1000mm × height 760mm, intercept width 2720mm, raising height:500mm.
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Product description


◆ Roadblock machine, system control: electric hydraulic.

◆ Body size: length 4572mm × width 1000mm × height 760mm, intercept width 2720mm, raising height:500mm.

◆ Body thickness: 16mm. Iron thorn diameter: 35mm, height 90mm.

◆ Material: A3 steel, anti-rust primer.

◆ Weight: about 1.2 tons.

◆ Waterproof, dustproof rating: IP68

◆ Collision level: k12 (equivalent to 120KM / hour impact, the car was blocked, the equipment works as usual)

◆ Through the pressure: can pass 120 tons of container trucks.

◆ Up speed: ≤ 3S, down speed:  ≤ 3S (adjustable).

◆ Power supply: 380V (control voltage 24V).

◆ System power (w): 3.7KW.

◆ Working temperature: -35 ℃ ~ 75  ℃ (for), storage environment: -10 ℃ ~ 65  ℃, place in a cool drt place.


Additional information:

◆ Roadblocks length can be customized.

◆ Rising height 500mm, 600mm, 800mm optional

◆ Thickness 10mm, 16mm, 20mm optional

◆ Each roadblocker can be plus LED light

◆ Tubing standard 5 meters


Core part:

Hydraulic station

Remote controller


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