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SPV-918 Under Vehicle Search Camera
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SPV-918 Under Vehicle Search Camera

Power: 6800mW
Start-up time: ≤1.0s
Total Weight: 3.4Kg
Spreading length: 1780mm
Folding length: 1020mm
Volume: 1020*180*280mm
Packing: 1050*210*310mm
Battery capacity: 5200Ah
Working voltage: 9-12.6V
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Product description

SPV-918 Under Vehicle Search Camera is mainly used to check the bottom of the vehicle, determine whether vehicle to hide suspicious explosives or dangerous, personnel, whether the overall structure of the bottom of the vehicle is illegal change, also can be used for the bottom of the table, bed, file cabinets, security check high platform, pipeline, pipeline, shaft, internal box inside, among the trees and other human inconvenience the arrival position



Function: The camera can rotate left, right, rotate and stop automatically.

Angle: The maximum horizontal angle is 355degree, the minimum horizontal angle is 22.5degrees. 

Focal distance: 3.6mm

Focal length: Wide-angle

Definition: 600 line and 1/3SONYCCD infrared image sensor, high definition with infrared night vision function

Power supply: SCM dedicated power charging and discharging technology to ensure the reliability of power supply products.

Working environment temperature: -20℃ to+60℃ 

Working current: 400mA

Monitor: 7inch Color

Display resolution: 800*480(RGB)

Power: 6800mW

Start-up time: ≤1.0s

Total Weight: 3.4Kg

Spreading length: 1780mm

Folding length: 1020mm

Volume: 1020*180*280mm

Packing: 1050*210*310mm

Battery capacity: 5200Ah

Working voltage: 9-12.6V

Using time: about 10-12 hours




The use of high-capacity lithium battery power supply, with long use time, no charge memory, and small size and light. The company can be customized according to customer demand for larger capacity, dual battery version of the car detector

With a 7inch high resolution LCD display, the power consumption is less than 7W, and the system working time is effectively prolonged without affecting the observation effect.

Micro wide-angle high definition camera, with infrared night vision capability, wider vision and clearer.

Excellent design concepts based on this system, using two folding structure, the maximum opening angle of 180 degrees, can be pushed into the 1800mm deep caves and can visit, electric control camera angle, the body is made of high strength Aluminum Alloy stamping molding, high temperature paint, beautiful light. 

The operation is extremely labor-saving.

Fitted with ergonomic luggage design, light and easy to carry, both portable and shoulder back.

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