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SPE8000 Portable Explosives Trace Detector
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SPE8000 Portable Explosives Trace Detector

Secuplus SPE-8000 is the lightest and most sensitive handheld explosives trace detector in its class. Its unique fluorescent detection technology identifies military, conventional, homemade, and liquid explosive threats by class on surfaces (particulate) and in bottles (vapor). . It starts from cold in three minutes and has a battery that lasts up to eight hours. With clear-down measured in seconds, operators spend more time sampling and less time waiting.SPE-8000 expedites on-site decision making with ten-second threat reporting via intuitive, go/no-go alarms. Training can be completed in 30 minutes, further minimizing the impact on day-to-day operations and costs.
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Product description

SPE8000 Portable Explosives Trace Detector


Secuplus SPE-8000 is the lightest and most sensitive handheld explosives trace detector in its class. Its unique fluorescent detection technology identifies military, conventional, homemade, and liquid explosive threats by class on surfaces (particulate) and in bottles (vapor). . It starts from cold in three minutes and has a battery that lasts up to eight hours. With clear-down measured in seconds, operators spend more time sampling and less time waiting.SPE-8000 expedites on-site decision making with ten-second threat reporting via intuitive, go/no-go alarms. Training can be completed in 30 minutes, further minimizing the impact on day-to-day operations and costs.


Most Verstile Handheld Explosives Trace detection technology for a wide range of threats

  • Multi-channel fluorescence technology; no radioactive source
  • Detects Military, Conventional, Homemade and Liquid Explosives
  • Nanogram level Sensitivity
  • Particle and Vapor detection modes


Rugged and Portable Designed to be adapted to many mission types

  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • IP54 rated for dust ingress and water resistance
  • Mil-Std 810G, shock, 1-m drop tested
  • Long-lasting, user replaceable battery


5 minute start-up time, 10 second results, clear down within seconds

  • Visible, Audible and Vibrational Alerts, Sunlight readable display
  • Broad, class-based identification
  • On device video training


General Specification :




multi-channel fluorescence technology; no radio-active source

Sampling & Analysis

Sample Introduction

Direct vapor for bottled liquids or sampling swipes for surfaces

Sample Phase

Vapor and trace particulate


Detects military, conventional, homemade, and liquid explosives

Sampling & Analysis

Analysis ≤10 seconds with real-time detection capability

System Interface


Visible, audible, and haptic (vibration) alerts;bluetooth headset (option)


Language translation available worldwide


3 inch IPS screen


USB; optional embedded wireless; Windows®based software

Data Storage

>200000 continuous data logging

Data Management

On-device report generation; export to mass storage

User Levels

Operator and Administrator


Input Voltage

100-240 VAC ; 50/60Hz, 2A

Battery Specs

Two rechargeable Li-ion batteries (swappable and up to 8-hr battery life);

Power comsuption


Startup Time

<3 minutes from cold;

Self cleaning time

<10 seconds



False alarm



Operating Temperature

-30 to 50 °C

Operating Humidity

5% to 95% non-condensing

Storage Temperature

 -30 to 50 °C

Physical Features

Dimensions (L x W x H)

14.5 x 4.5 x 2.8 in (276 x120 x 151mm) - with heater

14.5 x 4.5 x 2.8 in (276 x120 x 151mm) - without heater


1.1 Kg

0.9kgs without heater

Explosives identify

Black Powder, AN, TNT, DNT,MNT, HMX, NHS, BTF, CL20, DNTF, DNTF, NQ, AT, TATP,  Tetry, PETN, Gun Power, NG, RDX, fireworks, C4 etc


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