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X Ray Imaging

X Ray Imaging

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X-ray imaging technique uses  X-rays to view the internal structure of a non-uniformly composed and opaque object (i.e. a non-transparent object of varying density and composition).  To create the image, a heterogeneous beam of X-rays is produced by an X-ray generator and is projected toward the object. A certain amount of X-ray is absorbed by the object, which is dependent on the particular density and composition of that object. The X-rays that pass through the object are captured behind the object by a detector (either photographic film or a digital detector). The detector can then provide a superimposed 2D representation of all the object's internal structures. 
X-ray security inspection equipment is composed by the baggage conveyor part, X-ray source and control part, signal collection and processing and transmission parts, image processing and electric control parts. X-ray security inspection device check baggage through caterpillar channel with the help of conveyor belt. After the goods enter into the channel, the detection device will send information to the control unit, which will trigger emitting X-ray. After collimator, X-ray will form a very narrow fan-shaped beam and then penetrate the articles on the conveyor belt to the detector. The detector will change X-ray into electrical signals. When these extremely weak electric current signals were enlarged, they will form high quality image after processing through universal serial bus (USB) that transfers to the industrial control computer for further complex operation.