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V160 Upper model level hand held metal detector
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V160 Upper model level hand held metal detector

Application: Entertainment venues, tourist attractions, office buildings, shopping malls, factories, etc;
Features: Upper quality level, utra-high sensitivity, stable performance
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Product description

V160 Upper model level hand held metal detector

* Designed specifically for the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metal objects.

* With ultra-high sensitivity, can be used to specifically detect extremely small non-magnetic metal objects.

* The most advanced electronic technology made the character to meet all international security standards.



Sensitivity: low sensitivity, normal sensitivity, high sensitivity and ultra-high sensitivity.

Alarm way: Sound, light and vibration alarm

Power:Dedicated lithium battery 7.4V, 9V laminated battery, 9V Ni-MH batteries.

Ultra-long standby: about 100 hours long standby time, dedicated lithium up to 500 hours.


Rechargeable battery (optional)

Operating temperature: -20 ℃~ +65 °C (relative humidity: 0 ~ 95%).

Size:350 mm X 80 mm X 60 mm.

Weight: about 200g


Material: shock, impact resistance ABS plastic

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