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SPV-2018CL Microseismic human presence detection system
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SPV-2018CL Microseismic human presence detection system

Size: 98cm(L)*63cm(W)*130cm(H)
Safety testing standards(which is safe for the human body)
Dust rating: IP6X
Waterproof rating: IPX8
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Product description

Work by sense the vibrations caused by the human heartbeat and breath-Detector of Hidden people in Vehicle
● Easy to use
No need to open the cargo space. Connect power and place sensors well, then can use.
● High detection efficiency
Only 3 seconds get results. Advise test 15-60s to get truly results.
● Can eliminate the ground vibrations and climatic affection
Not only can detect in stable locations such as prisons, but also in the field such as border crossings.
Control Unit
Buttom is with 4 360°wheels,easy to move
With ground sensor*1 ,life vibration sensor*4,12m cable connected. Inside of control box also add back up sensor interface
Invested by professional technicians, working stable
Packed with durable box
Microseismic human presence detection system (MHPDS) is used to inspect and detect human presence hiding in any kind of vehicle and its containers. MHPDS can sense the vibrations caused by the human heartbeat and breath, to maximum ensure the effect of anti-e scape detection.
Aplication:Prisons,Border Security,Correctional and mental facilities, Homeland Security,Port Security,Entrance security at Critical infrastructures,etc.
Multiple dedicated function interfaces

MHPDS expansion interface

Vehicle management system expansion interface

Data backup port

Ground vibration sensor

Ground vibration sensor expansion port

Network expansion port

Wind resonance sensor

Life vibration sensor expansion port

Life vibration sensor

Data switching control unit

Data control unit port



System functions

Signal conversion

Environmental analysis

Acquisition analysis

Signal display

Detection mode

Detection alarm

One-button calibration

Information record

Data backup

Software upgrade


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